My P16PRO40 PIC-programmer

The P16PRO40 is a programmer for 8-pin, 18-pin, 20-pin, 28-pin and 40-pin PICs. I chose to build this programmer because the hardware is easy to construct and the software is free. The programmer is connected to the parallel port of the PC using a short cable. The programmer is powered from an external power supply.

My homebuildt P16PRO40 programmer

The P16PRO40 diagram was created by Bojan Dobaj. The main components are a 40-pin ZIF socket (not mandatory), power supply components, three transistors, three LEDs and a 74LS07. The programmer applies 13 V to the PIC during programming. The external power supply must deliver at least 16 V DC or 12 V AC. I've employed a 24 V AC supply which was originally used for powering a light-chain for a Christmas tree.

I am using Nigel Goodwin's free WinPicProg version 1.91. The software is running under Windows and supports programming of 16F83, 16C84, 16F84, 16F627, 16F628, 16F873, 16F874, 16F876, 16F877 and other common PICs.

This page created September 29th, 2002 by Lars Petersen,
Updated February 2nd, 2003.

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