Rock-Mite 20m Transceiver

The Rock-Mite transceiver

The Rock-Mite is a crystal controlled transceiver kit designed and sold by Small Wonder Labs. I've chosen the 20 meter version and equipped it with a variable x-tal oscillator (VXO). This facility offers a tuning range of 10 kHz (14.052 - 14.062 MHz). The RF output is 500 mW.

The receiver is a direct-conversion type, which means that all selectivity is at audio frequencies. I have added a 2-stage audio filter (circuit diagram by KD1JV - you can find it here at the buttom of the page) to enhance selectivity. The finished audio filter can be seen in the photo below.
Picture of the Rock-Mite
The finished audio filter
The Rock-Mite (factory photo).
The KD1JV audio filter.    

The Rock-Mite files it a useful homepage for Rock-Mite info and ideas. The Rock-Mite even has its own Yahoo group.


I substituted the default keyer IC with a PicoKeyer-RM, which is an electronic keyer with two message memories containing each 100 characters. 

Operating the Rock-Mite

The following table lists the QSOs that I've made with the Rock-Mite. My antenna was a 43 m horizontal loop (loop skywire antenna) as described on this page

Call    YYYY-MM-DD  UTC    Note  
SM5RU   2011-01-09  12:40  
G8RW    2011-01-09  13:10  
UA9AR   2011-01-10  04:55  DX
UA9AYS  2011-01-10  05:05  DX


Created 15-Jan-2006, updated 28-Aug-2014.
Author: Lars Petersen, OZ1BXM.