Eleven days on 18 MHz with QRP

What can you do with QRP on the 18 MHz band? I think this question is best answered with some practical radio experience from the schack.

In the following, I will describe what I worked using the equipment:

I do not intend to work very long and hard each day. Since I'm a casual operator, some operating sessions will last only 15 minutes. Some days I will not be active at all.
Date 2001 Station Remark
01 Jan EA8AVN 1455 UTC. He called CQ. 
Toni in Lanzarote used 100 W to a vertical.
YO2IS 1455 UTC. He called CQ. 
Szigy in Timisoara used homebrew equipment and a LW.
GJ3YHU 1540 UTC. Small pile-up. New country on QRP!
I received Ben's QSL in the mail 1 month later.
06 Jan OE5GRO 0853 UTC. He called CQ. 
Georg near Salzburg used 90 W to a magnetic loop.
13 Jan EA3BES 1542 UTC. He called CQ. 
Jose in Barcelona  used 25 W to a dipole.
14 Jan  UK8AXA  0822 UTC. Tail ending.
Nice QSO with Shin in Tashkent. 
21 Jan  OH6MM 0931 UTC. He called CQ.
Snappy QSO with Ole in Jakobstad (close to 64o N).
HB9HAB 0956 UTC. He called CQ.
Lou used IC725 and a dipole.
CO8LY 1336 UTC. He signed QRZ?  New country on QRP!
Eduardo's manager is EA7ADH - found via 425DXNews
26 Jan  F6CTK 1517 UTC. He called CQ.
Franc lives in Bordeaux, 1400 km from my QTH.
27 Jan  UT9IF 1520 UTC. He called CQ.
QSO with Vic in Donetsk.
F8LDX/qrp 1527 UTC. He called CQ.
2 x QRP contact with Jean in Urville.
28 Jan  5B4/YL2RR 0809 UTC. He called CQ. New country on QRP!
QSL via homecall. I received Alex's card 7 weeks later.
03 Feb IK0LPN 0951 UTC. He called CQ.
Guiseppe lives in Pescia near Florence.
04 Feb EW7EW 1014 UTC. He called CQ.
Vlad in Bobruisk near Minsk.
OH6RP 1052 UTC. He called CQ.
Risto's rig: FT1000D, 3 el. yagi up 30 m.
17 Feb HA5AEK 0807 UTC. Tail ending.
Bandi in Budapest.
YU7DX 1515 UTC. He called CQ.
Mico in Novisad.


Just 11 days of casual activity on 18 MHz CW using QRP to simple wire antennas brought me: If I can achieve the above, so can you. In fact, I am sure you can do better than I did!
QSL from the 3 new countries worked on 18 MHz
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